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5 Tips To Test Your Body Age

Every person has innate flexibility, and that’s why kids easily do splits and put their legs over their heads. These 5 Tips To Test Your Body Age will help you exercise health tips. As time passes, we lose our natural flexibility and joint mobility.

Follow the Below instructions carefully:

1. Check your shoulder joint flexibility.

Check your shoulder joint flexibility.“I did it, but it was rather challenging.” You need to practice more. If it was very difficult, carefully grasp your elbows with your palms behind your back. Stay in this position for a few minutes. Practice more if you don’t want to experience frozen shoulder symptoms.

2. Check your spine flexibility

check your spine flexibility

  • If you can put your whole palm on the floor, that’s great! You’re not more than 25 years old, and you stretch regularly.
  • If you touch the floor with your fingers, that’s OK, but you need to practice.
  • If you can’t touch the floor, you really need to work out. Your spine joints are probably ready to become friends with a sofa, a warm blanket, and knitting.

3. Check the front part of your neck and your shoulder girdle flexibility.

Check the front part of your neck and your shoulder girdle flexibility

  • If you can’t touch your heels, don’t try too hard. Bend backward, supporting your back with your hands. You need to work on your flexibility. You’re definitely not a teenager.
  • It’s great if it was easy. Congratulations! Exit the posture slowly.

4. Check your hip joint flexibility.

5 Tips To Test Your Body Age

5. Check your knee joint flexibility.

Check your knee joint flexibility


  • When you’re young, this exercise isn’t difficult. Making small steps, you exit the push-up posture and perform “letter A” posture easily.
  • After 30 years, it’s challenging to pass this test without bending your elbows, knees, and back. Keep this problem in mind, and pay more attention to stretching.
  • If you failed this test, you’re probably more than 50 years old, and you’re not friends with sports at all.
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