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Manipur is the Jewel of India.

It is a state of India in northeast region and its capital is Imphal. It’s area size if 22,327 square kilometers (8,621 sp mi). The state has total population of 2.7 million, including all communities. Nagaland, Mozoram & Assam are the neighboring states of Manipur. Burma (Myanmar) lies to its east. Like other northeastern states, it is largely isolated from the rest of India. Late PM of India, Jawaharlal Nehru entitled Manipur is “the Jewel of India”.  It is the birthplace of Polo, the sport and the birthplace of Ras Lila, a classical dance form.

Manipur Is The Jewel of India

Culture :

Meitei is the major community in the state. Since  ancient times, the Meitei people have lived in the valleys of Manipur alongside the highlander Hao in the hills and valley in peace. Meitei Pangal (Muslims) people settled in the valleys during the reign of Meidingu Khagemba in the year 1606.

Manipur Is The Jewel of India

Manipur has a very rich culture, unique traditions & customs,own language, traditions, foods and  attires. It has an own identity of itself in art and culture to the world proudly. The love of art and the culture of the people here is inherent among the people and one will not be able to find a girl of a boy who does not know the famous Manipuri Culture dance or the traditional folk art and songs. The handloom woven clothes and handicrafts depicts rich culture and the centuries old tradition of Manipur.

Manipur Sports :

There are many talented sport persons representing India in many world competitions. Like Mary Kom, Kunjarani Devi, Dingku, Sarita Devi, Sanjita Chanu, Devendro Singh, Mirabai Chanu, etc are the famous sport persons in Manipur. Manipur has been giving a very vital contribution in the field of sport for India.Sports

Transportation :

Manipur remains somewhat isolated from the rest of India, and communications within the state are poor. A national highway passes through the state from Tamu on the Myanmar border in the south via Imphal to Dimapur (in Nagaland) in the north; this highway also connects Imphal with the Northeast Frontier Railway near Dimapur. There are air links from Imphal to Guwahati and Silchar in Assam and to Kolkata (Calcutta) in West Bengal state.


Tourist Places in Manipur :

Manipur is a land of myths and mystery. Its hill and forests offer a stunning backdrop to the many tourist attractions in the state. Nature here is breathtakingly beautiful and the serenity is overwhelming.

1. Imphal

Imphal is the capital city of Manipur where Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose gave some blood-curdling speeches for independence. The city is full of dense forests, sparkling fields, fragrant with fresh air and earth, and offers everything expected of a hill station to all its visitors.

2. Kangla Fort

Unlike any other fort I’ve seen, this one is not sprawling or huge, and one can easily cover it in a couple of hours. It is a significant place for Manipuris since this was the ancient capital of the state many years back when Manipur was still a kingdom. But the British Army took the fort. The fort complex houses the Govindaji Temple and Hijagang Temple.


3. Ima Market

Ima maket is one of the largest markets in Northeast run by about 3000 women. The market has three different buildings dedicated to something specific. While in one of them you can only buy fruits, fish and vegetables, yet another is dedicated to clothes, and, the third, to household items. Also known as Khwairamband Bazaar, it’s a spectacular place for photographers.

Manipur Is "The Jewel of India"4. Loktak Lake

The lake is located about 55km from Imphal. Loktak is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the northeast. Local villagers build thatched huts on these floating ‘islands’ and make their ways about the lake in dugout canoes. One gets a good bird’s-eye-view of the lake from the tourist bungalow atop Sendra Island. Boating is available at Takmu Water Sports Complex. The lake is the livelihood of fishermen of Thanga and Karang.

Loktak Lake5. Loukoipat Lake

Loukoipat Lake is a landlocked fresh water lake. Small hills surround the lake located near the Tiddim Road on N.H. 150 at Bishnupur. This place is a retreat for visitors. Any visitor will mesmerize the scenic beauty of the place. Boating facilities are also available in the lake. This is an ideal spot for picnics and family outings.

6. Ikop Lake

The Ikop Lake is located in Thoubal, Manipur at an elevation of 772 meters above sea level. It is a hot spot for tourist. The main attraction of this lake is the cool breeze and the beautiful landscape in the background. This place is ideal for photography. The lake has a gentle slope and curved bottom.

7. Waithou Lake

The lake is located about 16km from the city of Imphal on the Indo-Myanmar Road in the Thoubal District. The lake water consists of three components namely Cheksabi, Soirel and Phumnom. During the year 1971–1972 Ngaton, there were some species of fish found in Waithou lake. But various species of fish have disappeared after the construction of the Cheksabi barrage and ring bund. Currently, the surroundings of the lake have deteriorated due to soil erosion, agricultural activities and rapid urbanization.

8. Andro village

This little village close to Imphal is an interesting place for more reasons than one. But a significant one is that, this is among the two spots where one can legally drink in this dry state. Villagers make rice beer and sell at little stalls inside Santhei Natural Park. With a backdrop of Baruni hills and a lovely pond in the middle, it’s an ideal spot for a picnic, which is what draws many locals here on weekends.

There is the artisans’ village which houses the Mutua museum where you can get a glimpse of how Manipur’s 29 tribes used to live. It has homes of the main tribes of Manipur like Kabui, Meitei and Kuki. They have lovely pottery work as well, as the married women of Andro keep the traditional pottery alive.


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