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You may be surprised that how I could say the very word ‘Rejection’ makes a person perfect. Yes, it is also an opinion. Life goes with situations and problems from time to time. The one said that ‘Never wait for tomorrow’, ‘Today is the best day’, ‘Every day is a new day, etc….. I also used to believe in those opinion and tried to follow; actually still I’m trying but I cannot. Every person has their own opinion, own personality, own perception and confident in self. That’s why we cannot follow others opinion to solve our problems and make ourselves better.


I used to believe in me, only in me since childhood. I am not saying that I am not an obedient person to my family and teachers. I also believed in them but believing in myself is a miracle, yes I can say it’s a ‘Miracle’. Base on a part of my life, that time was like very difficult for me to adjust, I had just completed my Post Graduate and everyone was dying for job. I could not do anything that I wanted to do. The proverb and all never ever worked. Seem like I had totally lost my way. Didn’t find a way out of that situation. Even after I’d realized that I am in a worse phase  I couldn’t do anything but sitting back in my hostel room and believing in me thinking that I can do it.

I was rejected on my first job Interview, second, third, fourth….many times but never ever let down my perception of believing in me. On every rejection I can figure out my mistakes and lacks in me. Every after rejection I improved my own personality and realized every single day is a lesson and every interviewer I met, they are my experience. I needed months to make up myself to be a perfect person. Hey, I did crack many interviews but still figuring out my weakness and lacks to make up at the right time. I want to be a perfect person, you also do.  Don’t trust on the opinion ‘No one is perfect’,, because everyone can be perfect and we are. No one can be you, you are unique and perfect, only need is to make up yourself everyday just like girls use to put make up and some extra effort to look beautiful and attractive. That extra effort is very much important to achieve what you wish in your life. Always prepared yourself for the battle, never stop learning, gain your knowledge as much as possible, always grab the opportunities and every sec is a right time to start.

So, accept every rejection. Always believe in yourself and take a step ahead instead of taking step back from the very place of rejection. It’s the best place to grow up to see the world.

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