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Do you realise what you are doing in your life?

We live in an age when we have forgotten what life is all about. With the development of science and technology, human beings can create whatever possible things that make life easier to live. Long distances are being shortened. Man can be put on moon easily. We can send a missile across the world wzith the exact location. Tasks can be completed more faster than before. Sitting in a room, we can see and control everything happening around the world within a second. But with all these things, what we have lost the most is our humanity.

Do you realise what you are doing for in your life?

This generation inherits selfishness, jealousy, deception and annihilation. We have lost connection with each other. We forget to do what we most matter to do. We all want to have a secured job, enjoy and live life happily with beautiful wife/husband and lovely sons/daughters. But we are chasing only money and power.

Can money and power give you happiness? Yes, no doubt, it can give happiness. But, the question is what kind of happiness. Happiness is what life is all about. When talking about happiness by money and power, many controversial things come to my mind. There are so many poor people around the world who are struggling only for their survival. They are worrying about enough food to eat, sending their children to school, to have cloth to wear, and house for shelter. In the same way, there are many rich families who can accomplish their wishes easily. Because of money, they wish to acquire more power and control the society. One can’t imagine how much difference between the poor and the rich. On the other hand, both poor and rich are the same. As the poor have disappointment, illness, death, dream, families, divorce, laughter, grievance, regrets and love, the rich also have the same things in their lives.

Though we know all these things, we still don’t realise what life is all about. We discriminate each other. We don’t love each other. With a narrow view of our own community, we fight together and live together. This makes us more selfishness and hatred to each other. We love our own country, but not other countries. We have very high value and respect for our own family, religion, and caste. But we don’t have respect for others. God gives us the same thing in our lives regardless of caste and religion. But we make everything different from each other.

Having gone through with all these things in life, we still don’t realize what life is all about. At the end, we are all the same thing as death is the same thing for all human beings. But, why don’t we still realize what life is all about?  We always pursue for a dream in life to become something special so that we can live happily and have a social recognition. However, all these efforts finally turn in vain. We spend a lot of money on many things to learn and gain valuable things in life. After all, we all become characterless, disrespectfulness and selfishness. We don’t invest money and don’t have time on how to behave, love, respect, be honest, be polite and help to others. These are the most important things God has given us. We all do what we don’t matter most. Instead we all are chasing for money and power. Love is the only ultimate source of happiness in life. Love is what life is all about.

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