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Learning With Heart

Learning can be a life-long process; the five sense of human being feel every stimuli from around us knowingly or unknowingly. If you are sensitive to the environment and give a thought on what is happening around, your learning (ideas) can change the world!




I am in my early 20s and had completed my Master’s recently. My dream and destination is very clear since childhood but I cannot say the journey is smooth and there are times to choose the best way towards destination with the available choice. It’s a wise saying “If you think you can you can and if you think you can’t you are right! So, believe yourself, embrace the confident and just do it.

I am never a brilliant student, always a kind of introvert with a big dream. My baby heart says that I would make a difference in this world and yet become a rich 😉 And, in my early years I have found out this can be achieved being a successful global business leader.  So, I did my bachelor’s degree in Business Management and with zero balance I jumped into an MBA college in the capital. There I explore the diversity of India and grasped a 1/4 opportunity to taste Europe! What I learn from Europe is the concept of European Union: diversified and yet unified for greater good.  To them Time is the biggest constraint in life, take time to work and take time to celebrate. I make this little journey sounds good as learning by following heart is very good!

I would say that if you live for something good you are not alone in this world. The world is full of problems and every problem comes with an opportunity to solve the problem and your idea to solve the problem is the idea to change the world! So, be inspired and conquer your heart yourself.


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